Why Even Santa Needs Self Storage This Christmas

It’s that time of year when jolly old Santa Claus is getting ready to really put the work in, so what’s the one thing he needs to make it happen? Self storage of course! If you want to see why even the world’s best present giver needs a little help from a storage unit during the festive time of year, read on folks…


It gives him all the space he needs for all those presents

Self storage isn’t just the place to store your spare furniture and paperwork, it’s also where St Nick keeps his presents until the big day arrives. It gives him plenty of space to work his magic without anyone stumbling across the gift they’ve been wishing for all year, and it keeps them all warm and dry. Ideal for when there’s no more space at the North Pole.


He can hide his sleigh there the rest of the year

Everyone knows Santa has a sleigh, but how many of us know where he keeps it the other 364 days a year? With a self storage unit he can park it up, keep it safe and secure, and let his elves give it a much-needed service so that it’s ready and raring to go on Christmas Eve.


He can come and go without causing a stir

Santa needs to be able to come and go without anyone noticing him, which is why a stor-age unit would make for the ideal place to get to work. That means no more lengthy trips to and from the North Pole when he needs more presents. And no more grumpy elves getting cross when he nearly gets spotted checking in on things.


There’s plenty of space to wrap a million presents

If you have as many presents to give as Father Christmas you’re going to need plenty of space to wrap them all. With a small army of elves at his disposal, Santa’s big problem is space, not elf power. With a storage unit ready and waiting, he can set his little helpers to work so everything is wrapped and ready to go in time for the special time of year.


The elves will always be nice and warm

There’s nothing worse than a group of grumpy elves complaining about how cold their workshop is. With a warm and cosy storage unit instead of a freezing cold present wrap-ping shed at the North Pole, they’ll be so much easier to get along with this Christmas. Even Santa needs an easy life after all.


Every present will be safe and secure

Santa is just like the rest of us, which means he needs the peace of mind that comes from knowing his haul is safe and secure. It takes him all year long to build up is arsenal of pre-sents, so he needs the peace of mind that comes from knowing every gift is being watched over. If there’s a better way to find it than self storage, we haven’t found it yet!